Achanís Sin


By Pastor Nick Bibile


Now here we see Moses dead and Joshua becomes the leader of Israel. Moses led the children of Israel from Egypt and through the wilderness, that generation died, but Joshua and Caleb came from the older generation, now there is a new generation under the leadership of Joshua. They are going to enter into Canaan, the land of milk and honey. However, there are many battles to be won. The first and one of the big cities they conquered was JerichoJericho lies about 800 feet below sea level, very close to the Dead Sea. God destroyed Jericho when the walls came down , only Rahab and family were saved.  Jericho was a large city now Israel will go to war against Ai, which is a smaller city; Ai is about 1000 feet higher than sea level.  But here Israelites were routed and defeated at Ai, why; itís all because of one manís disobedience to God.  And that manís name was Achan.


Read Joshua 6:17-24.  Read Chapter 7


Underline the word Ďaccursedí


Accursed in Hebrew Ďharamí or herem.  Today we have the English word for herem means wives quarters in a home. The word accurse in English has the meaning of under a curse.

Hebrew meaning is ban for utter destruction, devoting something for God, for sacred use. Accursed things were given to God by destruction or devotion.  God was the real conqueror of Jericho, Jericho was to be destroyed and its precious items were to be dedicated to God. Jericho was a kind of Ďtithingí to be given to God, as it was the first city, which was conquered in the promise land.


He took the beautiful robe made of silver and gold from Jericho to himself, knowing that it should be devoted to God, it belonged to God, so really speaking he stole from God, the accurse thing became a curse on him.

Result: Because of one manís sin, the entire Israel suffered, some were killed at the battle and a small enemy defeated them.




As a local fellowship in Christ Jesus, we are one body. We as a body of believers, as a group together we are marching towards the promise land, our promise land is heaven. As a group of believers were we are today, listening to the word of God, worshipping God, having fellowship in God. As a group we have prayer meetings, evangelism bringing souls from darkness to the light Christ, as a group we are growing in the Lord and waging war against enemy territories bringing sinners to our beloved Savior.


However if there is an Achan in our church, then we too are going to be defeated and there will be no blessings of the Lord. The pastor can preach the best sermons, but there will be no growth in the church, there will be no holiness in the church, we will be the same in ten years from now even worse, we may know a lot of doctrine but we will be hypocrites like Achan and we may be a big church, yet would be a defeated weak church in the eyes of God.


  • Achan was greedy.  Greediness for material, worldly things, greediness for food. Someone said, ďHell has three gates: lust, anger, and greedĒ  (Eph 4:19)
  • Achan was selfish. Selfishness is thinking first of yourself, donít care for the others. (James 3;13-18; 1 Cor 13:5)
  • Achan was covetous. (Eph 5:5)
  • Achan was a thief. Stealing. Spurgeon said on one he steals ďstolen waters are sweet and bread eaten in secret places are pleasantĒ
  • Achan was worldly. (James 4:4)
  • Achan was disobedient. (Col 3:5-6)
  • Achan was a secret sinner. Spurgeon said on people who commit secret sin, ďoh, how sweet it is the cup of secret sinĒ
  • Achan forgot that God sees everything. (Heb 4:13)




  • Achan took Godís word very lightly. How many of you today who come to church but not absolutely serious in Godís word. If you are not then you belong to Achanís sin. We need to take Godís word serious as death and life, if you take seriously you will be blessed spiritually and may be physically but if you take Godís word lightly, it would become a curse on you, like what happened to Achan.  How many sermons have you heard? If you took Godís word seriously today you would be teachers, but what happened? It takes only few hours after the sermon you have forgotten all what was preached from the pulpit. But if it was a gossip you will remember. Many talk nonsense after church is over.  Read Joshua 1: 7-9 you will receive true soul satisfaction.  (Luke 24:32; Col 3:16-17: Heb 10:24-25)
  • Reading Godís word, meditating on Godís word and prayer will discover your Achan sins. These are your secret darling, pet sins. You will discover your hypocrisy. Once you discover these sins, you need to stone and burn these sins, completely destroy these sins like how God did to Achan. One little yeast of sin can affect the whole church.  Read Romans 6:11-13; Mat 18:9; Mat 5:23-24; Col 3:5
  • If we have Achans in our church, in our fellowship, we will not stone them, but we would plead them to repent, or else the whole church would suffer through them. (Prov 28:13; Ps 19:12-14; Ps 26:2; Ps 139:23-24; Mat 5:4)
  • Be Sincere with God. (Josh 24:14; Ps 145:18; Philp 1:10: Mat 5:8)