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By Nick Bibile

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Abiding in Christ Jesus  
bulletAbiding in Christ Part 1  [AIC01]

bulletAbiding in Christ Part 2  [AIC02]
bulletAbiding in Christ Part 3  [AIC03]
bulletAbiding in Christ Part 4   [AIC04]
bulletAbiding in Christ Part 5   [AIC05]

bulletAbiding in Christ Part 6   [AIC06]
bulletAbiding in Christ Part 7   [AIC07]
bulletRegeneration  [SPC01]
bulletMartin Luther  [SPC02]
bulletThe Glorious Messages OF The Gospel  [SPC03]
bulletGossiping  [SPC04]
bulletMark 14:1-11  [SPC06]
bulletHow To Read The Bible  [SPC07]
bulletPraying In Jesus' Name  [SPC08]
bulletEphesians 2:1-5  [SPC09]  NEW!
bulletAmazing Grace  [SPC10]
bulletThe True Christian - Luke 8:4-15  [SPC18]
bulletReformation Day Message: Is The Pope The Antichrist?  [SPC19]
bulletThe Life OF John Bunyan  [SPC20]
bulletThe Love Of Christ  [SPC21]
bulletHow Christ Appeased The Wrath OF God For The Elect  [SPC22]
bulletDo Nothing From Selfishness  [SPC23]
bulletAbout Dispensationalism  [SPC24]
bulletHumility In Christian Behavior  [SPC25]
bulletPrayer  [SPC26]
bulletThe Christian's Behavior  [SPC27]
bulletCreation  [SPC28]
bulletA Picture OF the Old Testament  [SPC29]
bulletOnly A Remnant Shall Serve The Lord  [SPC30]
bulletSpiritual Warfare  [SPC31]
bulletThe God-Man, Christ Jesus  [SPC32]
bulletSincerity In Prayer  [SPC33]
bulletSeven Characteristics Of False Teachers  [SPC34]
bulletWe Must Go Through Much Tribulation To Enter The Kingdom Of God  [SPC35]
bulletThe Cross  [SPC36]
bulletA Warning Against Loving The World And It's Pleasures  [SPC37]
bulletWalking With God  [SPC38]
bulletReturn To Your First Love  [SPC39]
bulletImputation  [SPC40]
bulletEvangelism  [SPC41]
bulletAttack On America  [SPC42]
bulletThe Danger Of Ecumenism  [SPC43]  NEW!
bulletGod Can Forgive The Greatest Sinner  [SPC45]
bulletBe Still And Know That I Am God  [SPC46]
bulletReading The Bible  [SPC47]
bulletLord Of The Sabbath  [SPC48]
bulletThe Worship Of God, Part 1  [SPC49]
bulletThe Worship Of God, Part 2  [SPC50]
bulletAre You Serving God?  [SPC51]
bulletThe Justice Of God Satisfied  [SPC54]
bulletEven The Devil Believes In God  [SPC55]
bulletWhat is the Gospel?  [SPC56]
bulletHow To Overcome This World  [SPC59]
bulletA Picture Of The Beattitudes  [SPC60]
bulletCalmness In The Midst Of The Tempest  [SPC62]
bulletWhere Can I Find Happiness?  [SPC63]
bulletHow Can God Allow Suffering And Calamities?  [SPC64]
bulletRunning The Race  [SPC65]
bulletRemember Lot's Wife  [SPC66]  NEW!
bulletThe True Christian, And The False Christian  [SPC68]
bulletTrue Blessing  [SPC69]
bulletThe Danger Of Hyper-Calvinism  [SPC70]
bulletWhy Is There Hatred Toward America?  [SPC72]
bulletIslam, From The Christian Perspective  [SPC73]
bulletPleasures Of Sin  [SPC75]
bulletSabbath Day Controversy  [SPC76]
bulletOur Mission Fellowship In The Philippines  [SPC77]
bulletThe 6th Commandment (2003)  [SPC78]  NEW!
bulletDairy Man's Daughter  [SPC79]
bulletBoldness In The Lord  [SPC80]
 bulletWhy Did God Choose the Cross?  [SPC81]  NEW!
 bulletImputation Of Christ Jesus  [SPC82] NEW!
 bulletAcknowledging God In All Situations  [SPC83] NEW!
bulletThe Cause For Protestant Reformation  [SPC86]
 bulletOur Love Relationship With Christ Jesus  [SPC87]
bullet Are All Christians the Same?  [SPC88]
bullet Are All Religions the Same?  [SPC89]
bulletSetting Our Priorities Right  [SPC90]  NEW!
bulletSin, And The Wrath of God  [SPC91]  NEW!
bulletWhy Evangelize?  [SPC93]  NEW!
bulletA Nation In Crisis  [SPC94]  NEW!
bulletThe Tsunami Disater From A Spiritual Perspective [SPC95] NEW!
bulletThe Samaritan Woman (Personal Evangelism)  [SPC96] NEW!
bulletThe Gospel [SPC97] NEW!
bulletThe Man That I Would Like To Be  [SPC102]  NEW!
bulletIs There Room For Jesus In Your Heart?  [SPC104]
bulletThe Man After God's Own Heart  [SPC105]  NEW!
bullet Looking For Convenient Times  [SPC106]
bullet Hell Is Full Of Good Intenders  [SPC107]
bulletPursue Godliness  [SPC108]  NEW!
bullet My Worst Enemy And My Best Friend  [SPC109]
bulletA Warning Against The Hardness Of Sin  [SPC110]  NEW!
bulletThe Calling OF A Pastor  [SPC113]   NEW!
bulletWe Beheld His Glory  [SPC114]  NEW!
bulletThe End Is Better Than The Beginning  [SPC115]  NEW!
bulletDo You Love Christ?  [SPC118]  NEW!
bulletThy Will Be Done - Luke 22:29-42  [SPC120]  NEW!
bulletFrom The Dunghill To The Mansion  [SPC121]  NEW!
bullet Increase Of Wickedness And The Spread Of The Gospel  [SPC122]
bullet The Burning Shining Light Of the Christian  [SPC123]
bullet Sanctification, Part 1  [SPC126]
bullet Sanctification, Part 2  [SPC127]
bulletBelievers Are Called To Witness  [SPC128]  NEW!
bullet Does God Love Everyone?  [SPC129]
bulletThe Wicked Are Reserved Unto The Day Of Destruction  [SPC130]  NEW!
bulletPrayer That Comes From the Heart  [SPC131]  NEW!
bulletNeglecting Catechization  [SPC133]  NEW!
bulletOur Confession Of The Christian Faith  [SPC135]  NEW!
bullet Looking Unto Jesus  [SPC138]
bulletVain Thoughts Of Sin  [SPC139]
bullet Finding Grace In The Sight Of God  [SPC140]
bullet The Sweetness Of Christ  [SPC141]
bulletInvisible God  [SPC143]  NEW!

bulletCan God entice us to sin?  [TEM02]

bulletFellowship with God NEW!


Christian Warfare  (sub-series from Ephesians, Ch.6)  [go to Ephesians MP3 sermons]

bulletChristian Warfare 1  [EPH70]
bulletChristian Warfare 2
bulletChristian Warfare 3
bulletChristian Warfare 4
bulletChristian Warfare 5
bulletChristian Warfare 6  [EPH75]
bulletChristian Warfare 7
bulletChristian Warfare 8
bulletChristian Warfare 9  [EPH78]
bulletPraying in the Spirit
bulletIntercessory Prayer  [EPH80]

Covenant Series

bulletCovenant of Works Part 1  [COV01]
bulletCovenant of Works Part 2  [COV02]
bulletCovenant of Grace Part 1  [COV03]
bulletCovenant of Grace Part 2  [COV04]

Christian Love

bullet Christian Love Part 1  [CL01]
bulletChristian Love Part 2
bulletGreatest is Love

Last Days Apostasy in the Church

bullet Increase of Wickedness and the Spread of the Gospel   [SPC122]
bulletFalse Prophets and False Predictions
bulletApostasy    [NESC04]  
bulletRoot of National Apostasy  [NESC05]  
bulletFruits of Apostasy Part 1
bulletThe Worldly Entertaining Church
bulletApostasy from Faith to Feelings
bulletAnother Jesus
bulletRise and Fall of America  [SPC142]

Gospel Evangelism

bullet Do Good People go to Heaven?   [SPC134]
bulletIs there Room for Jesus in Your Heart?
bulletLooking unto Jesus   [SPC138]
bulletThe Elements of the Gospel
bulletNicodemus Meeting with Jesus on the Kingdom of God  [GOS04]
bulletFirst Gospel Message Ever Given   [GOS05]
bulletBig Picture of the Gospel  (Fulfillment of John 3:16)   [GOS01]
bulletDoes God Loves Everyone?
bulletPassion for Souls  [GOS02]  
bulletFinding Grace in the Sight of God   [SPC140]
bulletOur Kinsman Redeemer
bulletThe Sweetness of Christ  [SPC141]  
bulletAn Invitation to True and Everlasting Happiness Part 1

Warning Sermons

bulletHell is Full of Good Intenders
bulletEternal Torments of Hell 
bulletChristian and Christmas

Disciplinary Sermons

bulletLooking for Convenient Times  [SPC106]
bulletPilgrim Road of the Christian   [SPC124]
Pilgrim Road of the Christian, Part 2  [SPC125]  NEW!
bulletSanctification Part 1  [SPC126]
bulletSanctification Part 2
bulletVain Thoughts of Sin  [SPC139]

Doctrinal Sermons

bullet The Elements of the Gospel  
bulletSatisfaction of Christ Jesus


bullet Abundance of Pardon  [SPC144]

Miscellaneous Sermons

bullet Burning Shining Light of the Christian [SPC123] 
bulletThe Power of Unity
bulletPray for your Pastor [EPH82]
bulletOutward Kiss or Inward Clung  [SPC136]
bulletMy Worst Friend and My Best Friend
bulletFinal Verdict


bulletRapture of the Church   
bulletRapture of the Church Part 2  
bulletPost Millenialism 

Jesus in the Old Testament

bulletOld Testament Tabernacle Points to Christ Jesus   
bulletGod Tabernacled Among Us

 Other Speakers
bullet The Message Of Salvation Sent to Sinners  (Robert Erridge, Feb, '99)  [SPC05]
bullet To Be Found In Christ  (Robert Erridge, June, '99)  [SPC11]
bullet To Testify The Grace Of The Gospel  (Robert Erridge, July, '99)  [SPC12]
bullet 'Let Him Kiss Me' (Song Of Solomon 1:1-5)   (Robert Erridge, Sep, '99) [SPC13]
bullet The Living Reality Of The Sovereignty Of God, And The Depravity Of Man  (Robert Erridge, Sep, '99)  [SPC14]
bullet The Cross No Afterthought  (Robert Erridge, Oct, '99)  [SPC15]
bullet The Need Of A Substitute  (Robert Erridge, Oct, '99)  [SPC16]
bullet The Wrath Of God  (Robert Erridge, Oct, '99)  [SPC17]
bullet If The World Hates You....  (Chris Anna)  [SPC57]
bullet Servants Of God  (Art Pena)  [SPC44]
bullet Ye Shall Be   (Art Pena)  [SPC58]
bullet How IS The Word Of God Made Effectual Unto Salvation?  (Chris Anna)  [SPC61]
bullet Carnal, Yet Saved??  (Chris Anna)  [SPC67]
bullet Repentance  (Chris Anna)  [SPC71]
bullet The Abundant Mercy Of God  (Chris Anna)  [SPC74]
bullet Why Must We Do Good Works?  (Chris Anna)  [SPC52]  NEW!
bullet Honey On The Lips  (Art Pena)  [SPC53]  NEW!
bullet The Joy Of Salvation  [SPC84]  NEW!

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